8 in 1 “Irresistible Me – Sapphire” Curling wand


Looking for a new curling iron? Why not get 8 curling wands for the price of 1?

I have been looking for a hair curler and I knew I needed to get this Sapphire 8 in 1 complete curler from the moment I saw it! There are 8 different-sized barrels that you can interchange, and it is on sale for a reasonable price! Today I tried the 32mm barrel, and below is what my hair looks like from its natural state (left) to after I curled it (right).

IMG_1614 image1

The packaging is super cute as well. It comes with a convenient travel bag that you can store all your barrels in. It also comes with gloves and a stand for the curling wand to be placed on when it gets too hot. This curling iron takes no time to heat up, and the highest temperature it can reach is 450F. This is one of the reasons why I love this product, because my hair is on the thick side, so the higher temperature ensures that the curls last all day.

I will make another blog post soon using a different barrel attachment, so stay tuned!


Some features of this curling wand:

  • tourmaline barrel
  • negative ions
  • digital temperature display
  • far infrared technology
  • dual voltage
  • light weight tool
  • 360 degree cord
  • fast heat up
  • max temperature: 230 C/450 F



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