Ironically, I didn’t dress up for Halloween. These pictures were actually taken in the Summer at Blanche MacDonald. My friend, Sumire, is a make up artist and she asked me to model for her. I thought it was quite funny because I am definitely not the ballerina kind of girl. I’m a powerlifter and I love playing contact sports. During the photoshoot, I didn’t really know how to pose and I just tried to remember how ballerinas pose in some pictures I saw or movies I’ve seen. When I saw the pictures after, I was shocked. For a powerlifter, I thought I did a decent job at looking like somewhat like a ballerina.

As for Halloween this year, I ended up just going to a friend’s house and I didn’t dress up at all. Looking back on these photos, it made me think that I should’ve called up Sumire to do my makeup again haha. I thought she did an amazing job! It was also cool to watch her make the “scratch marks” on my face.

IMG_6026 IMG_6009 IMG_6036

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