How to style choker necklaces


Who would have ever thought I would buy another chocker necklace! When I saw that choker necklaces were back in style, I laughed and thought of my elementary school days. Choker necklaces were the trend when I was 10 years old! I thought the idea was crazy to bring back choker necklaces; however, I’ve been loving the look nowadays! I went shopping for a choker necklace on the weekend, and I ended up coming home with 3 from Aldo. I didn’t want to spend too much on the necklaces because I wasn’t sure if I would love them completely, and I feel like it would go out of style by the end of this month. Choker necklaces look great with v-necks, or lower cut shirts. Below are the 3 necklaces I bought recently.

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  1. I hope chokers never go out of style! I’m seriously obsessed with them and I love your picks!

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