I’ll admit, I committed a fashion faux pas…for all the right reasons


photographer: samantha chan


I’m not particularly proud of what I’ve done, but I don’t have a single regret. I can explain myself, I swear.

Attending multiple events in less than a week can be super stressful for a fashionista. My days have been filled with meetings and work that I totally forgot to check in with my closet. Every girl has had that devastating moment when it’s the day before a big event and she thinks to herself “I have nothing to wear!” When in reality, you have too many clothes that don’t even fit in the closet and you question why that shirt you bought 4 years ago still has the price tag on. It’s ok, we’re girls. It’s in our nature to be indecisive about everything and not know what we want. But let’s not get too carried away here…


So last Thursday, on June 2nd, I attended a private Lexus rooftop event hosted by OpenRoad Auto Group. I didn’t really know what to expect from this event, but I wanted to look classy and to feel comfortable. The day before, I made a stop at Hollywood Boutique in Metrotown and tried on 5 different outfits. I was hoping to get more than one outfit because I knew I had several events coming up, but I came out of the store with only one item that I truly liked. I bought this knee-length white lace skirt that looked so sexy, but because it was quite long, I was comfortable wearing it without feeling too revealing. I really wanted to buy the chiffon top from the same store, but it was too baggy and it had makeup stains on it anyways. I knew the perfect store that I could find what I was looking for, but I knew the quality wouldn’t be as good. I checked Urban Planet and found a chiffon top that I was hesitant to get, but after I brought it home, I was so happy with my purchase.

photographer: samantha chan

DSC_0933 (1)

I actually didn’t take any pictures at this Lexus event, so I thought it was safe to wear it for the second big event. Here’s the full look of the outfit, with my buddy Jim Swalm. I absolutely love the cut out of the top, and to my surprise, so did everyone else! The top went so well with the skirt that it had numerous people asking me if it was a dress! 😮 What’s even better was that I paid more than half the price on this top than the one I was going to get from Hollywood Boutique!

So there you have it. Guilty as charged, and proud of it.

DSC_0910 (1)

Also, I am so glad that my friend Montana was able to come out to this event. I had so much fun spending the day with her at the beach, then adventuring out to West 5th for some smoothie bowls.



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  1. I like it. Do you have any pictures with a back ground that suits you better (outside perhaps in a park)?

    1. I will be taking them on the weekend! Definitely needed a better background haha 🙂

    1. haha thanks girl! we definitely need to shop together soon 🙂

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