Making friends on Instagram


“This was our first date and I am already in love”

Mike Wu Photography

This past week has been super inspiring for me, as I met two beautiful Instagram influencers; Kandja Sylla, and Samantha Chan. It’s weird to think that this is how you meet most people in today’s society, but I love the community that we build together.

Two days ago, I attended the Hannah Middleton fashion show that Cody Karey co-hosted. It was super fun to watch, but the best part of it was the people I met. It was the first time meeting Kandja Sylla, after exchanging numerous ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ on each other’s Instagram pictures. Let me tell you, this girl is gorgeous in every single way. She is so intriguing with her charisma and intelligence. She couldn’t have described our ‘first date’ any better in her blogpost.


Also, it was so much fun to catch up with Samantha Chan again after doing a photoshoot with her on the weekend! I LOVED working with this girl so much. She was quick with her shots and quick with her editing. It’s so difficult to find photographers that send you pictures within 24 hours nowadays. On top of everything, this amazing girl is only 16 years old! She is definitely so inspiring and I admire her for her hustle at such a young age.

@JimSwalm photography by: Jason W Media
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  1. It was so fun spending the night with you! The fashion show of Hannah Middleton is superb. I want all those swimsuits! Thank you for being such a darling.

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