How to style choker necklaces

Who would have ever thought I would buy another chocker necklace! When I saw that choker necklaces were back in style, I laughed and thought of my elementary school days. Choker necklaces were the trend when I was 10 years old! I thought the idea was crazy to bring back choker necklaces; however, I’ve been loving the look nowadays! I went shopping for a choker necklace on the weekend, and I ended up coming home with 3 from Aldo. I didn’t want to spend too much on the necklaces because I wasn’t sure if I would love them completely, and I feel like it would go out of style by the end of this month. Choker necklaces look great with v-necks, or lower cut shirts. Below are the 3 necklaces I bought recently.

For details on my hair style, check out my article on my hair here!

Feeding horses is a dangerous sport

I had the greatest weekend, filled with food, horses, and more food. On Saturday, I spent the beautiful sunny afternoon in Langley, where I had lunch at the Bacchus Bistro in the Chaberton Estate Winery.

stuffed crepes

I recommend getting the 3 course meal with pate, and beet salad. The food was good, and the patio was beautiful. We also joined the wine tour, which was only 15 minutes long. It wasn’t the greatest tour, but it was interesting to hear about their process.


purse: louis vuitton | hat: aldo | choker: aldo | dress: forever 21 | bralette: american eagle | shoes: aldo

8 in 1 “Irresistible Me – Sapphire” Curling wand

Looking for a new curling iron? Why not get 8 curling wands for the price of 1?

I have been looking for a hair curler and I knew I needed to get this Sapphire 8 in 1 complete curler from the moment I saw it! There are 8 different-sized barrels that you can interchange, and it is on sale for a reasonable price! Today I tried the 32mm barrel, and below is what my hair looks like from its natural state (left) to after I curled it (right).


The packaging is super cute as well. It comes with a convenient travel bag that you can store all your barrels in. It also comes with gloves and a stand for the curling wand to be placed on when it gets too hot. This curling iron takes no time to heat up, and the highest temperature it can reach is 450F. This is one of the reasons why I love this product, because my hair is on the thick side, so the higher temperature ensures that the curls last all day.

I will make another blog post soon using a different barrel attachment, so stay tuned!

Some features of this curling wand:

  • tourmaline barrel
  • negative ions
  • digital temperature display
  • far infrared technology
  • dual voltage
  • light weight tool
  • 360 degree cord
  • fast heat up
  • max temperature: 230 C/450 F

First vlog! Fvded, Vancouver Pro/Am, Pemberton Festival

For the past 3 weekends, I had a different event to attend each week! You can imagine how busy I was, but they were all very exciting! Here’s the events I attended in order: Fvded in the park, Vancouver Pro/Am show, and Pemberton Music Festival. This vlog also includes some clips of my daily life. I wasn’t planning on making a video; hence why the videos seem incomplete, but here’s a sneak peak of what my life looks like. Let me know if you would like to see more!

What you didn’t see in this video, was why I had the worst weekend of my life in Pemberton. Where do I even begin?

First night of Pemberton, one of the girls I was working with ‘accidentally’ took my bag. She returned it the next day anonymously, minus two items that were in my bag.

The next night, it took us 1.5 hours at 2:00 in the morning to find my car in the enormous parking lot loaded with a billion cars. We literally walked up and down the entire parking lot at least 5 times before I found my car. The panic button wouldn’t work either unless the keys were literally touching the car. I actually thought I wasn’t going to make it back to the house that night.

On the last day, I was so excited to finish up my cleaning tasks and to make my way home to Vancouver as soon as I was done work.

Only one problem.

My wallet and keys were left in the room that the supervisors (the ones with the keys to the room) decided to lock up early.

I began freaking out.

This was my second time losing my bag that weekend and i just wanted to go home! Not to mention I had to go to my full time job the next morning! Luckily, one of the supervisors stayed and gave me the contact information of the key holder, but it still felt like a journey to go find her on festival grounds.

Would I ever work for this company again? Probably not. I’m done with festivals for awhile.

*Disclaimer* I was working for a staffing agency, NOT for Pemberton Festival directly. The name of the staffing agency shall remain anonymous unless I feel the need to disclose that information.



Here’s my latest photoshoot for a new handbag brand called Drammatico Chi!

I wasn’t sure about my outfit at first (above) because my boyfriend ‘didn’t understand my pants.’ However, I wore this outfit to the Audi grand opening in burnaby and people seemed to love my outfit. The whole outfit was from TopShop – the bralette was $50 and the pants were $90.