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When I first started to use Instagram, I saw it as a platform to catalogue my recipes and fitness journey. As I continued to post, I received positive feedback and gained worldwide attention from some of the biggest fitness companies such as Quest Nutrition and TryAboutTime. Shortly after my interview with Asian Pacific Post back in 2011, I was contacted by Nike to be a Brand Ambassador. You can see more of the photoshoot and the full article here.

Name:  Nicole Wong

Age: 19
Ethnicity: Chinese
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Studying: Communications
Last Fashion Purchase: Do runners and soccer cleats count?
Name of Film Star I’d Love to Date: Anyone who’s not too conceited, who can make me laugh, and can teach me new things. Singing is always a bonus.
Favourite Restaurant/Dish: I’m a foodie – the list is too long. Yes, I’m one of those people who take pictures of her food:
Favourite Vancouver Attraction: Beaches and summer festivals
One Thing I’d Love to Try in Vancouver: Any water sport or paintballing!
Favourite Nightspot: As long as I’m with interesting people, anywhere is my favorite spot.
Item I Can’t Leave Home Without: Protein! Just kidding
Beauty Tip: Putting Vaseline or cooking oil on eyelashes helps them grow faster and thicker
Gym, Spa or Sport? Gym and sports preferably. I love lifting weights at the gym to gain strength and muscle; I love playing many sports, including soccer, volleyball, gymnastics, etc. I have never gotten a spa treatment, but I would love to!
Hobbies: Cooking, eating, playing sports, reading business books, photography, doing fashion-related things (
Ever Been in Love? I love food
Current Emotional State: Emotionally unstable
Best Date Spot: Any place where I can try something new, or do something active. The best date I had was spontaneously climbing Shannon Falls, then watching a movie at the Langley drive-in theatre. I love having picnics on top of The Chief… and even doing something like paintballing would be an awesome date.

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