Cheerleading and Powerlifting: First Place!!


Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 7.58.23 PM

12794370_10154037884451388_6696797365955731230_nToday was an exciting day because I was placed first in TWO of my passions: cheerleading and powerlifting! I am so proud of my team for performing such a great routine after all the last minute changes that occurred due to injuries. Speaking of injuries, my ankle did not allow me to compete in this competition, but next practice I will be participating again!

As for the powerlifting competition, it was such a pleasure to meet the motivational group of people that organized this event. In this video, I deadlifted 26 repetitions of 135lbs, which is 15lbs over my bodyweight. To be honest, I was only planning on doing 6 repetitions, but as I was doing it, Shamlo told me about a record and I just had to beat it! For the full video, click here!

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