Current Fitness Goals


I have been finding myself answering the recurring question, “Now that you’re done your competition, what are you going to do next?”

Being the over thinker that I am, I have known my post show fitness goals 2 months before my prep even ended. I will not be competing again, even though it was an amazing experience and I was happy to be placed in the top 5 (more details a couple posts back). My LONG term fitness goals are to build strength while looking lean/fit, but not compromising my social life to reach these goals. This means being able to say yes to social events/dinners and being able to eat that whole plate of dessert without feeling guilty. Many people think I must feel depressed since I don’t look at fit as I did on stage, but to be honest, I haven’t really been thinking much about my body appearance. I felt really restricted during my prep and this affected my overall happiness. Do I want to be restricted for the rest of my life and not be able to indulge in good food with friends and family? NO! I am honestly so much happier even though I don’t look as fit!


  1. DIET – Having a healthy relationship with food and having a balanced diet – being able to attend social events with friends and family. Introducing new vegetables and fruits into my diet each week so I get a variety of nutrients.
  2. PHYSICAL APPEARANCE – Looking healthy fit and building my lower body, with less focus on my upper body
  3. MENTAL HEALTH – Not being restrictive with my diet and lifestyle will improve my overall mental health
  4. PHYSICAL HEALTH – Fixing up my muscle imbalances so that I’m not in pain every 5 minutes or needing to go to RMT/physio
  5. STRENGTH – Improving strength in my deadlift and squat


To reach these long term goals, I have to develop SHORT term goals:

DIET – Reverse dieting to bring my calories up – this will allow me to indulge in higher caloric foods without feeling guilty

  1. PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Building my lower body, and maintaining my upper body
  2. MENTAL HEALTH: Going out to eat with friends and attending social events is something that makes me happy. Since I’m on a reverse diet, I can have a cheat meal/ day once a week.
  3. PHYSICAL HEALTH: Rehab on my upper body, which means stretching after workouts and having good posture
  4. STRENGTH – Changing my deadlift grip from reverse grip to overhand grip (This will help my muscle imbalances). Current deadlift goal: 2 plates for 1 rep. Current squat goal: 1 plate for 5 reps.

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