Fitness Photoshoot with J Chan Photography



Here are some of the shots from my latest fitness photoshoot with J Chan Photography! Funny thing was, when Jeff contacted me about doing a fitness photoshoot, I initially told him that my body was not at all ready to be seen in spandex and a sports bra, and to contact me in 3 months when I was more fit :p. However, I had this chalk concept in my mind for the longest time, and I knew Jeff would be the perfect photographer for my idea. Jeff is such a pleasure to work with because he is open to doing all sorts of shoots, and he ensures that his clients obtain the photos they want! He even works over his scheduled hours if the client wants a particular photo to be taken. I love how he checks in with me throughout the photoshoot and asks me how I like the picture, and if I want to change anything about the set-up. I think all photographers should have the same mindset as Jeff because this way, the client will be able to use the pictures that he/she was looking for, and properly credit Jeff!

Jeff’s Instagram: @jchanphoto

_JCP8973 _JCP9272 _JCP9160 _JCP9379 _JCP9395

_JCP9166 _JCP8983_JCP9120 _JCP8996 _JCP9354


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