Protein Bars Review


Last weekend, I attended the Vancouver Pro/Am Show and I had a blast! I had the privilege of meeting Steve Cook, as well as a couple people who I’ve engaged with on Instagram, who are now my friends.


I spent all my money on protein bars (why am I not surprised), so now I have enough that will last me for months!

Questbars are my favourite, and I’ve talked about them numerous times on my Instagram. I was known as the protein girl in university because I would always be seen eating Questbars. The cookies and cream and cookie dough are my favourite flavours. A great protein bar in my opinion are soft, but not too chewy, and has many chunks of toppings. You can find all of this in a Questbar.

Nutrition content (cookie dough): 21g protein, 17g fibre, 21g carbs | calories: 190 | NOT gluten free

It was my first time being exposed to Proatein Bars at the expo. If we’re talking about taste, they were my second favorite out of the 3 bars I am reviewing here. They use natural ingredients, so they don’t have that after taste that most bars have (usually from artificial sweeteners). I love that this bar is low in sodium and saturated fats, and they are also gluten free! The only drawback is that there is only 15 grams of protein. I usually eat protein bars that have at least 20 grams of protein or higher, but that being said, most protein bars use artificial ingredients that your body can’t absorb…so in reality, you aren’t getting as much protein into your body as you think you are. Since Proatein Bars use natural ingredients, you can be sure that your body can process all the 15 grams of protein!

Nutrition content (chocolate fudge): 15g protein, 9g fibre | calories: 160  | Gluten Free

I have seen Bupbars all over Instagram, and I finally got to try it! They are comparable to Questbars because of the texture, but it does not have as much flavour, and they are a tad bit too chewy. I had the peanut butter flavour, and I liked that it had chunks of gooey peanut butter in the bar! I always rate my protein bars based on flavour, so this one ranked lowest for me.

Nutrition content (peanut butter): 20g protein, 18g fibre, 3g sugar, 4g carbs | Gluten Free |

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