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Last night was the last basketball game I would ever cheer for! It was bittersweet, because although I dread cheering for basketball games, it was sad to think that my cheer career would be coming to an end really soon. Yesterday was also the first time stunting after my ankle injury. It had been about 2 months since I was put up in the air, so it was quite nerve racking for me. I was so focused on my ankle because I didn’t want to injure it again. Surprisingly, some of my stunts were even better than before I injured my ankle…and I was also able to pull my stretches even though I haven’t been stretching as much.

My ankle is not fully healed, and I know I shouldn’t be stunting, but I am so determined to compete this term. Last year I injured my back, and because of this I was an alternate, which meant that I didn’t compete. Since I am graduating this term, this would be my last term for cheer. My goal is to be able to compete in April, and to be honest, I felt like giving up last week. A week ago, I tried stunting because I thought my ankle was almost healed. However, my ankle hurt every time I pointed my toes, and I didn’t realize that everything I do in cheer requires me to point my toes! I was convinced that I would be out for the rest of the season. But a few days later, I remembered how hard I worked last Summer to get a spot on the floor, instead of being an alternate. Also, I am so close to reaching my goals, so I don’t want to give up yet! I thought to myself, if this means I have to relearn everything by jumping or stunting without pointing my toes, then I am willing to put time into it. I know that it seems virtually impossible, but last practice I was able to do it! I was so proud of myself for not giving up and being able to stunt. It is looking good for me right now, and hopefully I will compete in April!

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