Evolution Booty – 8 week challenge


Hi, I’m Nicole Wong.

I’ve been in your position before and I know how you feel. You’ve been working out and dieting for months and you’re still not seeing the results you want. 

You’ve probably tried one of those fad diets and saw little to no results. Or, you saw some results, but the results went away fast and now you’re back at square one.

I used to think going to the gym 7 days a week for 2 hours each session and extreme dieting would get me the results I wanted. I was wrong.


If you have been working out for weeks and you are not seeing results, I have the perfect fix for you.

There are 2 reasons why your body isn’t where you want it to be

First, you lack the correct information to achieve your fitness goals. Speaking from experience, it can take you years to figure out how to achieve the body you want. This can lead to frustration and the desire to give up altogether.

You may even ruin your metabolism and produce opposite effects if you are not being guided by a fitness expert. Many women think that doing lots of cardio and eating less carbs/fats will get them the results they want. Speaking from experience again, that will only get your body looking flat with no shape or muscle. Not to mention the mood swings, increased cravings/appetite and lack of strength you will develop

Second, you lack the motivation to go to the gym or to stay consistent with your diet. For this reason, I will do doing video check ins to keep you accountable. I also have a community of women to support and motivate each other. If those won’t motivate you enough, I am also offering $700 worth of prizes to be won for those who are the most consistent and has the most significant changes.

My 8 week program will take away all the frustration and will give you long lasting results and not only give you physical changes, but also mental growth.

I know my program will give you results because I (and many other women) have seen amazing results using this exact program!

After years of trial and error, I finally discovered the secrets that will give you PROVEN RESULTS.

My mission is to educate women that they can do the same and achieve their fitness goals WITHOUT dieting. 

I have been featured in major fitness publications/ websites such as Elite Physique Magazine, Fitspo Magazine, and Asian Pacific Post

I have helped many women all over the world transform their bodies and mindset without feeling restricted.

Evolution Booty is the only challenge in 2019 dedicated for 50 women to slim their waist and build their booty.

I am only taking 50 women because I will be working with each and every one of them to ensure results.

I would love for you to join this exclusive group and learn all the secrets!

The Evolution Booty 8 week challenge is for women who:

– Desire accountability and support for motivation to reach their goals
– Want to shed stubborn body fat without feeling restricted with food
– Want to gain lean muscle and add inches to their booty
– Want to learn how to achieve all your fitness goals and achieve life- changing results .
– Need a detailed and informational workout guide with video tutorials to ensure proper form
– Want information about supplements that will accelerate results .
– Need a grocery list to make shopping easier for your meals
– Want information about food cravings and learn how to handle them
– Want delicious and healthy recipes to help with food cravings.
– Want to stick to their New Years resolutions and get rewarded for their results with $700 worth of prizes
– Desire to join an exclusive group that promotes women empowerment and be part of the #EvolutionBooty movement


The Evolution Booty 8 week challenge is perfect for women, aged 18 to their late 40s, who struggle with…

– Shedding stubborn body fat and reducing cellulite
– Accountability and motivation to stick to their diet/workouts
– Building muscle while shedding fat
– Losing fat quickly without feeling restricted with their diet
– Emotional/ stress eating
– Knowing what to eat or what workouts to do to get the results they want
– Gym anxiety or not knowing what to do in the gym
– Finding time to workout because of their busy schedule



My name is Nicole Wong and I have been in your shoes

My fitness journey started off with many struggles and frustration.

I grew up playing soccer for 11 years, gymnastics for 3 years and many other sports such as volleyball, basketball and tennis.

It wasn’t until second year of university where I learned how to deadlift for the first time and I fell in love with lifting weights.

I had been following many women on Instagram and I wanted to have abs and a butt like they did.

After many years of consistently working out, and being on a low carb/ low fat/ low calorie diet, I didn’t see much results.

After injuring my ankle while being on a national level cheerleading team for Simon Fraser University, I decided to pursue bodybuilding. This was when I was introduced to many fitness experts who had lots of experience with bodybuilding. They became my mentors and my coach.

With their guidance, lots of research, and after competing twice in bikini competitions (where I won 4th and 1st place), I developed great understanding of how to manipulate workouts and diets to achieve the results you desire.

Now, I aspire to teach other women to do the same and to prevent them from making the same mistakes I did.

I want women to feel confident and strong in their own body and my Evolution Booty 8 week challenge will teach you how! 🙂


I’m a beginner to lifting weights, is this program right for me?
Yes. The program was designed with beginners in mind and has modifications for women of all levels to follow along

I am pretty advanced in the gym, will this program be challenging enough?
Yes. The program has been used by advanced lifters and they have seen great results.

– I want to lose fat around my waist but build muscle around my butt, is this program right for me?
Yes, this program was designed to shed stomach fat and build muscle in the glutes

I want to increase the size of my butt, and I’m not concerned about losing weight, is this program right for me?
Yes. The program provides information to teach you how to gain lean muscle

– Can this challenge be done at home?
Yes. I recommend using a fully equipped gym; however, I provide modifications for you to workout at home. Let me know if you are working out at home and I can guide you.

Will this program include an upper body workout as well?
Yes. This is a full body workout with and emphasis on building the booty.

– What are the workout splits?
There are 3 leg days, 2 upper body workouts, ab workouts included, and 2 rest days.

I have a really busy schedule. Will I be able to fit my workouts in?
Yes. The program is designed with the busy woman in mind.

I have troubles knowing if my form is correct, will this teach me how to do exercises properly?
Yes. The program includes video tutorials and written descriptions to demonstrate proper form. You can also message me any time and I can help you via facetime or by sending videos.

How long do the workouts typically last?
Each workout will be 1 hour to 1.5 hours long

-I don’t use paypal, can I use another form of payment?
Yes. You can etransfer $120 USD or $159 CAD to nicolewong30@gmail.com. Then, email me at nicolewong30@gmail.com with a screenshot of your payment and I will send you the PDFs. If you would like to pay another way, please email me nicolewong30@gmail.com and we can discuss another form of payment

– Can vegans/vegetarians join this challenge?
Yes! I provide a list of vegan/ vegetarian options. Let me know if this is you and I can help guide you

– Can I join this challenge if I live overseas?
Yes. The PDFs are instantly downloadable

– What is the return policy?
There are no refunds as the PDFs are instantly downloadable.

– Can vegans/vegetarians join this challenge?
Yes! I provide a list of vegan/ vegetarian options. Let me know if this is you and I can help guide you