I met my long lost twin


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Have you ever met someone who was basically you but in a different body? She shares the same passions as you, she loves the same donuts as you, she’s the only other person you’ve met that doesn’t drink coffee, she even schedules to take her pill at the same time of the day as you. Weird eh? Thats what I thought when I met Mitra for ‘coffee’ as we called it, even though we were really just going to order tea and donuts. I rolled up to 49th Parallel on Main St, snatched rockstar parking, and grabbed the last table on the patio. Mitra ordered a blueberry donut, while I tried the Matcha. They both had fillings inside, which I generally don’t like, but this one complimented the donut very well and it wasn’t overpowering. It only took two seconds of conversation for me to know that Mitra and I were going to get along very well. She has definitely made an impact on my thoughts and I owe it to her to get me back on track with YouTube, blogging, and keeping my mind and body healthy.


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