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I am so excited to announce that I am the social media coordinator for 720 Sweets! I have been looking for a job like this for the longest time because I am good with social media and it shows my creative side. I am loving this job so far because it involves everything I love doing. I manage the Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts for 720 Sweets (Feel free to give those accounts a ‘follow’ and/or a ‘like’!). I get to take artistic pictures of the ice cream, and this is just ONE of the exciting parts of my job! I also get free ice cream! I don’t think it can get any better than that.

Last weekend was super fun taking photos with my boyfriend, Cody Karey. And yes, if you’re thinking that the man in the black blazer looks familiar to you, you probably recognize him from television or from one of his hit singles. Cody is a recording artist and a chef. His famous song You Are The Song has over 19 000 views on YouTube. He is also the 4th place finalist on Master Chef Canada Season 2. Cody seems to impress me everyday as I learn more about him and his talents!

Cody’s social media accounts:





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